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Client: CHOW SANG SANG     Location: Shanghai     Year: 2022

Sage House helped to create an artistic retail experience for Chow Sang Sang's premium diamond line, which also radiated its influence to the consumer spectrum beyond the retail stores. Combining the brand theme with the retail space features, Sage house created a "Eight Hearts, Eight Arrows, Eight-Pointed Stars" diamond tunnel with the brand's iconic fire film, which allows both product consumers and passers-by to feel the flow of light and color like diamonds.

In addition, Sage house planned a daring on-site session for Chow Sang Sang, in which the diamond artisans sat in the workshop in addition to the product display, polishing and sculpting in the crowd, showing the "eternal and indestructible" quality of diamonds, and also making consumers stop to feel the heritage and quality of the high-end brand.

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