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Client: Disney      Location: Shanghai     Year: 2021     IP: Donald Duck

Shaved ice chilling chilling! The world's first Donald Duck Ice House was born: In his classic blue sailor suit, Donald Duck brought infinite delight and sweet memories with his unique, raspy and humorous voice. With Japanese Shōwa elements of design with a twist of hip, vintage Hong Kong flair, this pop-up store located in the highest traffic area in Shanghai’s French Concession (AnFu Road), directly targeted the trend-focused young adult demographic.

In the ‘Limited Edition Icy Ducky’ experience the audience picks from 4 different flavours including a surprise Donald Duck flavour of shaved ice from the lucky draw.

Sage House presented the Ice Shop exhibition for fans and audience to not only experience the vibrant spirit of Donald Duck through their eyes to hearts and feel cool vibes from head to toe, but also exude Donald Duck’s happy energy as an enduring reminder to face life with the joy of positivity.

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