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Client: Century Link Mall Shanghai      Location: Shanghai    Year: 2024    IP: Disney Donald Duck

Time for celebrations! Summer Splash with Donald!

To celebrate Donald Duck's 90th anniversary, Sage House presented a Donald Duck Pool Party at Century Link Mall, Shanghai, invites all the fans who love the summer vibes.


A gigantic Donald chilling at the pool with his 2024 S/S Hawaiian outfit and blue sunglasses, taking his sip of signature drinks, creating the perfect summer beach vacation atmosphere, ready to meet everyone at the party! Let us kick off a refreshing and pleasant summer celebration in honour of Donald Duck's birthday. 


Over 25 photo spots for our guests to explore in this Donald 90 party – Interactive Disney-themed photo booth, beach chairs and cabanas, innovative pool rings that will inspire your summer “To Do List”. Donald’s three nephew Huey, Dewey and Louie are ready for extra fun. What are you waiting for? 

Let's get wet! Flashy splashy bubble bath with Donald, immersive yourself into Donald’s outdoor relaxing bubble bath filled with celebrations ingredients, continues to bring joyful summer moments. 


Enjoy the “duck-xury” bathtub which Donald loves this surreal feeling for his celebrations, in a custom duck foot-shaped bathtub, is ready for a summer water fight, with giant brushes and soap boxes scattered around. Chip and Dale – the playful duo - also joining this party with their debut of “naughty soap hide and seek”.

The "duck-xury" shower curtain featuring Donald Duck’s 90 logo, hoping his guest indulgence themselves with Donald Duck’s celebrations!

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