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broadcute collage-03.jpg
SS24 Artist Kidswear  Collaboration

Client: 播 broadcast      Location: China    Year: 2024    Artist: ELLYLAND

ELLYLAND, a Japanese artist represented by SAGE HOUSE, has collaborated with 播 broadcast kids wear line - 播 broadcute to launch a refreshing SS24 kidswear artist collection. 

Each piece is meticulously designed to reflect ELLYLAND’s vision and 播 broadcute’s commitment to trendy and comfortable clothing. The collection showcases vibrant colors, bold patterns, and unique artistic elements, creating a refreshing contemporary summer wardrobe. This captivating collaboration includes parent-child outfits and various daily wear items such as T-shirts, shirts, dresses and bucket hats. 

Step into the vibrant world of artist ELLYLAND, where her artwork bursts with sunshine and vitality, infused with ELLYLAND’s signature touch of playful humor, as it breaks into our reality. ELLYLAND effortlessly fills her creations with joy and energy, bringing a unique blend of whimsical charm to our world.

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