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Client: Hysan Place, Lee Gardens II and Lee Gardens    Location: Hong Kong    Year: 2023    Artist: JIRAYU KOO

Sage House has created the city’s first ‘Glom-Glom All the Way’ Winter Celebration with artist Jirayu Koo exclusively for the Lee Gardens in Hong Kong. Starring Jirayu’s famous character Glom-Glom, the event is a healing and playful journey into the intriguing universe of Lee Gardens, unfolded through a visual extravaganza combining art, lifestyle and fashion.

Glom-Glom will be ushering the fashion savvy to four interactive installations to entice hipsters at crossroads of sensory art & lifestyle, namely ‘Glom-Glom Music-all-the-way ’, ‘Glom-Glom Home-Sweet-Home’, ‘Glom-Glom Shine-Your-Way’ and ‘Palate Sensations All-The-Way’. Each one of these installations offers a slice of an exceptional lifestyle choice, coupled with twinkling Christmas lights to create an agreeable festive experience for visitors to savour with their besties and beloved.

The first exclusive creative collaboration to tap into myriads of possibilities that see the organic marriage of on-trend art and lifestyle through the lens of Glom-Glom.

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