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Location: Shanghai     Year: 2023

Participated in the LEC 2023 (Shanghai) for the first time and as a licensing agent to join this trade show; we are showcasing a wide range of IPs and collaborating artists. We genuinely strive to understand the highlights, creative concepts, and unique characteristics of Sage artist collections. Serving as a bridge to help the artists tell their stories and present their artworks to brands, business partners and more awareness.


We go beyond traditional licensing, instead pushing the boundaries of trends in creative ways to bring new experiences and values to consumers. We believe that through collaborations with artists, we can create market-leading IPs and co-create substantial business opportunities to brands.


In this LEC expo, we proudly introduced artists and IPs from Japan, UK, Thailand, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, Australia, and other cities, showcasing a variety of creativity and artistic experiences, aiming to establish an art-based IP licensing platform and develop interesting projects and business opportunities.

The fusion of brand licensing and artistic innovation presents infinite possibilities. We strongly believe that creativity is the key to driving the convergence of art and commerce. We emphasize the new vitality of IP + Creativity + Customization. By using the power of creativity, we provide customers with unique and personalized solutions, injecting a new life into IP.

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