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Client: Chongqing IFS / Chongqing Timesquare     Location: Chongqing     Year: 2018     
IP/Artist: Mickey Mouse x Face / Mickey Mouse x Stephen Kenny

A new look celebrating 90 years of Mickey Mouse, Sage House curated the first Mickey Mouse premier launch in China involving a cross over art exhibition.

This Christmas event launched the artistic collaboration of a Disney character by teaming with Japanese artist, Face Oka, who worked with a variety of chic brands and the Tokyo Olympics to attract fashion lovers as well as trendy youth. He married the original Mickey Mouse image with his unique pop art style. 

The excitement sprang to life with the world’s largest wooden sculpture of Mickey Mouse with Face Oka’s art styled on Mickey’s shoes as the centerpiece. Six pop-up booths in Oka style Mickey illustrations were scattered in different levels to bring shoppers to cold zones. When consumers collected all the stamps from the different booths they were rewarded with an AR photo of one’s image in the cartoon art style of Oka. The special 360° mirror wall attracted consumers and social influencers to generate content spread throughout social media.


2019 Brand Experience of the Year


2019 Marketing Campaign of the Year


2020 Award for Innovation in Brand Development

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