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Client: Chengdu IFS     Location: Chengdu     Year: 2020     IP/Artist: Sanrio x Hikaru Matsubara

‘New Kitzz in De House’ in Chengdu IFS was Sanrio x Artist Hikaru Matsubara collaboration experience curated and designed by Sage House.  We reinterpreted Sanrio classic characters incorporated with artistic design to present an experience injecting vitality into Chengdu with its dazzling colors and breathtaking artistry.

The New Kitzzz Playground offered a variety of interactive multi-dimensional explorable space to enjoy different zones. A 11-meter-high device with an interactive LED screen perched on top where once visitors scan the QR code Keroppi and Bad Badtz-Maru appear for a ride into a fairytale world together.

The Latticed House on the playground contained mysterious props in different cabinets. The Modern Light and Shadow House transformed Sanrio characters into a dazzling form of 360-degree immersive fluorescent art.  The Super Mirror House took its visitors on a journey to rediscover innocence in a new perspective through its mirrors.


2021 Award for Innovation in the Use of Events


2021 Award for Innovation in Branded Entertainment


2021 Innovative Achievement in Sales or Revenue Generation


2021 Award for Innovation in Consumer Events

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