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Client: Hangzhou Kerry Centre     Location: Hangzhou     Year: 2023     Artist: BEASTMAN

Kerry Christmas! Wishing you “Peace by Piece”.

‘PEACE by PIECE’ is an immersive experience in Hangzhou Kerry Centre - Australian artist Bradley Eastman (BEASTMAN) first debut work in China. Every “Peace by Piece” is a gift from the heart to oneself or loved ones. Every “Peace by Piece” carries an inspirational verse, a message of hope and love.

‘Peace by Piece’ is not just designed to be a visual spectacle; it is a dynamic, an interactive and abstract reinterpretation of the traditional Christmas experience, inviting the community to partake in the timeless joy of the season whilst immersing themselves in a unique piece of contemporary art and design.

Kerry x BEASTMAN x Sage team taking the public on an interactive journey through colours and cycles of life.

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