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Client: Chongqing IFS     Location: Chongqing     Year: 2019     IP: PEANUTS

Celebrating the 70th Anniversary of Snoopy, Sage House partnered with Chongqing IFS  to host the first Peanuts Global Artist Collective activation in Chongqing, China.

 The launch of the remarkable Winter Wonderland featured 7 world-renowned artists to create brand new Peanuts inspired works of art to be used for creating enormous buzz and enhancing consumers to view Peanuts in a fresh new light. 

Sage House conceptualized Snoopy and his friends with artist collaborations to ensure Snoopy brand assurance through consumer experience, and subject matter expertise were properly and compellingly communicated. That meant taking a chance with an immersive and innovative approach to inspire our emotions, create and fun and sparkling memories. 


2020 Communications or PR Campaign of the Year - Arts & Entertainment


2020 PEANUTS 授权商大会

Most Creative Marketing Agency of the year

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