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Client: K11 Art Mall    Location: Hong Kong     Year: 2018     Artist: Shohei Tsuda

Japanese contemporary artist Shohei Tsuda’s first overseas exhibition.  Five-sensory experiential exploration of the subconscious and uniquely scenic Hong Kong.

Hong Kong’s iconic skyscrapers and colourful signage may not strike the typical Hongkonger as unusual, and yet these are nothing near the ordinary for travelers to the city. Among those awe-struck is up-and-coming contemporary Japanese artist Shohei Tsuda, who masterfully utilizes vibrant colours, light beams, audio and visual elements in his multiple-unit installation to depict the inspiration bestowed upon him by this city of pronounced visual appeal.

Through his installation creation, Shohei Tsuda hoped that participants could become immersed in the multidimensional space and explore their respective individual existence while reevaluating the subconscious.

Artist: Shohei Tsuda

Produce: Sage House

Site: chi K11 Art Space, Hong Kong K11

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