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Client: Chongqing IFS      Location: Chongqing     Year: 2022     Artist: Rashed Al Shashai

As part of the fifth anniversary of IFS Chongqing, Sage House helped curate and work with the Chongqing IFS team to bring The Gate to the East, a large-scale installation by Rashed Al Shashai, to the mountain city for a six-month premiere exhibition in China.

Rashed Al Shashai, a world-renowned artist and art educator from Saudi Arabia, explores philosophical questions through his work, using playful forms that allow the viewers to interact with mundane energies. “The Gate to the East" is a dialogue with the audience in the form of a "gate", with visually striking forms and colors that cut through the spatial layout of the city.

The modern artistic presentation of the world's ancient civilization in Chongqing's commercial landmarks is a clever fusion of civilization and commerce, and symbolizes Chongqing's open and tolerant attitude to the world's art and culture.

In this project, the Sage House team also focuses on how to deepen the integration of the brand and the city. We hope to embody chic, have hipsters hitting the streets and becoming a topic of conversation, but more importantly, the spirit of the city.

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