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Client: Chengdu IFS     Location: Chengdu     Year: 2023     Artist: RYUJI KAMIYAMA

Opening the package is like an unveiling an era that everything can be unboxed. Through our artist's unique interpretation of "UNBOXING," he created a fusion of creativity and surprise. This exhibition centers around the theme of "Unboxing" and kicks off with a giant “box” situated in the atrium of Chengdu IFS, guiding visitors into a unique and immersive art space. When people step inside the "box," they will see a brand-new world constructed by the artist's iconic character RATFACE, KAMIYAMA san’s iconic patterns which allow audience to engage in a funny, creative interaction within the digital art graffiti interactive zone.


The exhibition is not limited to the interior of the "box". KAMIYAMA san extends his creation to the rooftop of Chengdu IFS, interacting with the iconic "Artist LAWRENCE ARGENT’s Panda," creating a unique localized graffiti space. This space will become a symbol of the integration of art and the city, bringing the audience a visual feast and a completely new experience of art and landmark.

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