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Location: Osaka     Year: 2023

Sage House, as the co-organizer of UNKNOWN ASIA 2023, we are delighted bringing seven incredible artistic talents to this exhibition. We believe that creativity and interdisciplinary communication can serve as a bridge for artists to reach the international stage. Therefore, with our unique perspective and charm, Sage House takes pride in leading the avant-garde art movement, allowing the international stage to experience the allure of Chinese artists.

We open the doors of Asia, again.

Established in 2015 in Osaka, Japan, UNKNOWN ASIA is an international art fair with a mission to create an artist driven platform, and an ongoing commitment to let emerging artists shine. UNKNOWN ASIA 2023 is a vibrant and diverse art fair that brings together artists to showcase their works in Osaka.


Awaken the Artsoul and creation to share through different forms and without boundaries.  This 3-day art fair connects artists from Japan and other Asia Pacific countries.  Create, art, fashion, technology, and the borderless collide with opportunities.  We believe in the sustainability of the art eco-system.  


To unveil the audience's art appreciation and passion in art evolution, UNKNOWN ASIA is increasingly recognised as one of the largest scale art fairs in Western Japan.  The venue location at the Grand Front Osaka Knowledge Capital Congress Convention Center continues to let our artistic dream bloom.

Photos Credit: 増田好郎 , 岡はるか

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