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Client: RYUJI KAMIYAMA     Location: Shanghai     Year: 2022     Artist: RYUJI KAMIYAMA

"WANDERLUST" is RYUJI KAMIYAMA's first solo exhibition in China. Through RATFACE, the soul child in RYUJI KAMIYAMA's wonderful paintings, and his new friend STUPID BUBBLES, let us live in the world of illusion-virtual-true, can come to a spiritual liberation to meet the desire to travel.

In addition to the neon art sets with warm colors and two limited edition HASAMI ceramics, this exhibition is interactive. Using the concept of a house, a new experience space is set up to take people on a journey through time and space. Go through this special virtual art journey to welcome 2023.

RYUJI KAMIYAMA's love for art heals people, making them forget their worries and fears and immerse themselves in the journey through time and space of the paintings.

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