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Client: Ryuji Kamiyama     Location: Chengdu     Year: 2023     Artist: RYUJI KAMIYAMA

Japanese street artist RYUJI KAMIYAMA held a solo exhibition "WANDERLUST" in Chengdu, which is the second stop in China after the exhibition in Shanghai. The exhibition revolves around the theme of love, with Ratface and new friend STUPID BUBBLES conveying profound emotions that lead the audience into a world filled with love, offering them a completely new experience.


His artworks are full of vitality, showing a strong personal style through unique artistic language and visual impact. His artworks revolve around love, exploration, and eternity. He cleverly used bright and warm colors in the exhibition to vividly portray these themes and create a fresh experiential space. The exhibition gathers the representative works of the artist in recent years, including his classic canvas paintings, RATFACE neon signs and graffiti spray, and reviews his creative inspirations he draws from hip-hop, skateboarding, graffiti, and other street cultures.


RYUJI KAMIYAMA uses his beloved art to heal people's hearts, let people forget their worries and fears, and immerse themselves in the wonderful world depicted in his paintings.

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